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    FERMAT 2020 Operators Cabin for CNC Boring Machines.,  · Showcasing FERMAT's new operator cabin used with table-type horizontal boring mills. Feature's: - Fermat's latest technology for operator's safety, complying with CE, UL, CSL, GOST safety norms. ...Milling Accessories | Just another WordPress weblog,  · fermat fibox first floor flooring flour flycutters folken ford fowler fravol fray free friedrich fryer fv-1300se g0704 g0727 g0728 g0754 g0755 g0758 g0758z g0759 g0761 g0791 g0796 g0836 g3102ai g3103ai g8689 g8750 ganesh gantry garvin gear-head geared gerberwhat is horizontal table mill, Horizontal Boring Mills - Floor Table Type Boring A horizontal boring mill is a machine tool that drills holes in a horizontal direction, and there are three types including floor, table, and planer. Boring mills allow for extremely large parts to be easily machined and allows end-users to reach small cavities.Milling Accessories | Just another WordPress weblog,  · Milling Accessories | Just another WordPress weblog