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    Brawl,  · Galactic Crusher: When Neutral B is used in the air, Bowser spins around in the air and gains armor. If a foe is in range, they will be grabbed and piledriven into the ground, resulting in a powerful explosion and massive knockback.The Pit of Pits,  · The Pit of Pits is a bonus area in Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 that can be accessed after the player has cleared the Wily Star II.It can be found in the main hub between Tier 8 and Tier 9, though attempting to access it before unlocking it will will leave Mega Man with little more than a Picket Man, who informs the player that he and his cohorts are working on its construction under their ...How to Connect an iPad to Bluetooth Devices: 15 Steps,  · Turn on your Bluetooth item. Make sure the Bluetooth item is turned on, plugged in (if necessary), and within a few feet of your iPad. While the maximum range for an iPad to connect to a Bluetooth item is around 30 feet (9 m), stay as close to the item as possibleThe Best Potato Masher and Ricer | Reviews by Wirecutter,  · After putting in 30 hours of research and crushing 75 pounds of food, we've picked the best handheld potato masher and ricer. Learn what's right for you here.2.1:Emblem guide,  · This is a guide on how to obtain all emblems in SRB2 v2.1.There are 160 emblems in total. It is suggested that you attempt to find them on your own before using this document, as you can only find things for the first time once. Use this document at your own.

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    How to Make a Felt Hat,  · How to Make a Felt Hat. Hat making, also known as millinery, may look intimidating and complex, but it is actually quite simple. If you want to get really professional, you will need to use a hat block and a felt hood. If you are just...Cutter (professional wrestling),  · In professional wrestling, a cutter is a ¾ facelock front face bulldog[1] maneuver. This move sees an attacking wrestler first apply a ¾ facelock (reaching back and grabbing the head of an opponent, thus pulling the opponent's jaw above the wrestler's shoulder) before falling backwards (sometimes after running forwards first) to force the ...Professional wrestling throws,  · Professional wrestling throws are the application of professional wrestling techniques that involve lifting the opponent up and throwing or slamming them down. They are sometimes also called "power" maneuvers, as they are meant to emphasize a wrestler's strength.