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    11th BPS Meeting Updates,  · Also Read - AINBOF Asks for CENTRAL PAY COMMISSION for Public Sector Bankers in 11th BPS Demands of the UFBU( union and association) as part of the 11th bipartite settlement: 1. Wage revision 20% hike.( Last meeting IBA offer 15%) 2. 5 day banking ...11th BPS Meeting Updates,  · 11th Bipartite Wage Revision News - Assistant Labour Commissioner (C) has called upon the all the parties in the settlement to have a common meeting i.e. IBA, Ministry of Finance and UFBU. Read - 11th Bipartite Wage Revision for Bankers May Settle on 27th Jan 2020Read Latest Finance News, IPO, Mutual Funds News,  · IBA appears to be in favour of dealing with the pay hike, variable pay and the mandate issue simultaneously while bank unions led by UFBU are looking to settle the pay hike issue first. Earlier, IBA had raised the wage hike offer to 10% on fixed pay component in February while it had reduced the variable offer to 6.2% from 8.2%.Bank staff to go on 3,  · Bank employees across the country will go on a three-day strike to press a list of demands including wage revision among from March 11, Sanjeev Kumar Bandlish, convener of United Forum of Bank ...New Salary Calculator for Central Government Staff,  · As Central Government Staff earned four increments so far after 7th CPC implementation and DA reached 17 % level, Gservants has developed a new salary calculator with all the above aspects taken into account . Now the DA will be enhanced from 17% to 21%.

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    11th BPS Settled on 15% Pay Hike, MOU within 90 Days,  · Their much needed demand for settling the 11th Bipartite Wage Revision is finally concluded with 15% hike. The MOU between the IBA and UFBU will be signed within 90 days. The detailed circular is expected to be updated by 23rd July 2020.Latest Business News,  · 7th pay commission salary hike: Ahead of the festive season, the government may announce some good news for the central government employees. In a series of salary revision, the Centre may increase the minimum salary by modifying the fitment factor of the ...