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    3 Ways to Clean the Inside of a Washing Machine,  · After washing loads of dirty laundry, the inside of the machine can get stained, and odors may cling to its walls and get transferred to your clothes. Keep reading to learn how to clean your machine. Luckily, you probably won't need anything you don't already keep around the house.Thor washing machine,  · The Thor washing machine was the first electric clothes washer sold commercially in the United States. Produced by the Chicago-based Hurley Electric Laundry Equipment Company, the 1907 Thor is believed to be the first electrically powered washer ever manufactured, crediting Hurley as the inventor of the first automatic washing machine .Where Are Samsung Washers Made?,  · found that washing machines made by Samsung and by LG (another Korean company) were voted most reliable by their readers, and were often the best-rated models in testing. Samsung washing machines are made by Samsung Electronics, a billion-dollar multinational company that employs around 370,000 people globally.HISTORY OF THE WASHING MACHINE, 3 Ways to Clean the Inside of a Washing Machine - wikiHow LifeTop 10 Best Portable Washers and Dryers in 2020 Reviews,  · Easily control the washing machine timer for up to 15 minutes while the spin timer can be controlled for 5 minutes for every single load. Despite the small size, this is a powerful washing machine with a 1300RPM motor and 110V/60Hz voltage frequency..

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    Agitator (device),  · In a top load washing machine the agitator projects from the bottom of the wash basket and creates the wash action by rotating back and forth, rolling garments from the top of the load, down to the bottom, then back up again.There are several types of agitators with ...Which Appliance Brands Are Made in America? | Hunker,  · "Made in America" evokes images of pickup trucks, barbeques and Mom baking an apple pie in her new U.S.-made oven. While many appliances are imports, a large number are American made appliances. The Federal Trade Commission requires that any appliance labeled "Made in America" must be assembled and its major parts made in the U.S.History of Washing Machines,  · A washing machine invented in France in the early 1800s was called the ventilator. The device consisted of a barrel-shaped metal drum with holes that was turned by hand over a fire. One of the first African-American inventors of note in the 19th century, George T. Sampson, received a patent for a clothes dryer in 1892.What is Embedded System and How it Works?,  · Here is an example of how an embedded system works. It takes the analog/digital input from the user. Examples are Push-button switch, Keypad, Sensor, Touch Screen. Then, it processes the given input. Processing may be calculation or conversion. For example ...