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    Effect Of COVID,  · In the matter of Intellectual Property Attorneys Association and Anr v Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks and Anr, W.P.(C) No 3059/2020 (Writ Petition), the Delhi High Court (Court) passed an order dated 11 May 2020 (Order) extending the limitation period for various acts, proceedings, filing of any reply/document, payment of fees, etc. relating to any intellectual property ...Examples of Sanctions in International Relations,  · Barry Kolodkin is a business consultant, writer, and expert on U.S. relations in Eastern Europe. He's been Special Counselor to the Prime Minister of Romania and done analyst work at the Pentagon. In international relations, sanctions are a tool that nations and nongovernmental agencies use to influence or to punish other nations or non-state actors. ...Protecting Atewa Forest,  · Bauxite mining in Atewa Forest is listed amongst 60 of the worst Belt and Road Initiative projects highlighted in the letter. Nature-based livelihoods Grasscutter, mushroom and giant land snail farming are amongst the alternative nature-based livelihood sources that A Rocha is assisting the local communities to develop.