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    What Countries Do Not Have a Democracy?,  · However, U.S. efforts have not succeeded in creating democracies in countries, such as Egypt and Lebanon, which remain non-democratic. The Clinton administration also attempted to promote democracy throughout the world in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia and Kosovo.The Impact Engel v. Vitale Had On Prayer in Schools,  · The Supreme Court ruled in 1962 that the government cannot write prayers for public school students to recite daily, even if praying is not required. Case Argued: April 3, 1962 Decision Issued: June 25, 1962Petitioner: Steven I. Engel, et al.Respondent: William J. Vitale Jr., et al. ...Why the vegan diet is not always green,  · The vegan diet is widely regarded to be better for the planet than those that include animal products, but not all plant-based foodstuffs have a small environmental footprint. It has all the ...Substance Abuse and the Impact on the Family System,  · If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider. The authors, editors, producers, and contributors shall have no liability, obligation, or responsibility to any person or entity for any loss, damage, or adverse consequences alleged to have happened directly or indirectly as a consequence of material on this website.What Are Some Negative Effects of Music on the Brain?,  · This can have an effect on emotional responses, sensory responses and the brain's reward center. However, all of this brain activity can be distracting. Background music can reduce concentration, which can make it difficult to retain information while working or studying..

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    List of international environmental agreements,  · This is a list of international environmental agreements. Most of the following agreements are legally binding for countries that have formally ratified them. Some, such as the Kyoto Protocol, differentiate between types of countries and each nation's respective responsibilities under the agreement. Several hundred international environmental ...How to List Your Accomplishments on Your Resume,  · Oftentimes, people simply list what they have done in previous jobs without pointing to the impact of their accomplishments and contributions. Your resume should not read like a set of job descriptions that convey only what your responsibilities were in past jobs.The real reason Wil Wheaton left Star Trek: TNG,  · Then, at the end of TNG's third season, Wesley Crusher was unexpectedly written out of the show, which left many fans wondering what might have led to the decision. Here's the real reason Wil ...3 Ways to Make a Positive Impact on the Lives of Others,  · Even though these are fairly small gestures, they can still have a big impact on others. 3 Look to the future. You'll continue to find ways to make positive changes in others' lives on a daily basis, no matter how small. However, don't forget to think bigger and ...