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    Category:Existing coal plants in the United States,  · CoalSwarm has articles on over 600 existing coal plants in the United States. For an overview article on existing coal plants, see Existing U.S. Coal Plants. For information on a particular plant, click on the map, on the list below the map, or on a letter of theletter:Category:Proposed coal plants in the United States,  · Table of Proposed Coal-Fired Power Plants and Synfuels Plants (included projects cancelled and commissioned 2002-2017) The following sortable table lists proposed coal plants in the United States. Sierra plant names, capacity figures, and status designations are as listed in the Sierra Club's "Stopping the Coal Rush" tracking list as of February 2013.Daily chart,  · In Europe ArcelorMittal is the biggest emitter because steelmaking requires the burning of coal. In America the biggest is ExxonMobil, which unlike many large companies produces much of the ...Burning the Future: Coal in America,  · Burning the Future: Coal in America is a 2008 documentary film produced and directed by David Novack.The film focuses on the impacts of mountaintop mining in the Appalachians, where mountain ridges are scraped away by heavy machinery to access coal seams below, a process that is cheaper and faster than traditional mining methods but is damaging to the environment.Estimating carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants,  · MIT's Future of Coal study (2007) In 2007 MIT's Future of Coal study examined the coal combustion technologies used by nearly all coal plants. According to the study, improved technologies (supercritical, ultra-supercritical) deliver significantly better efficiencies..

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    Burning Coal in the USA,  · Coal created by RustyRobot at 02/27/2020 09:44 PM Coal Energy created by RustyRobot at 02/27 /2020 09:44 PM ... The Future There is no saving the coal business in America. It is a zombie ...