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    Stunning Perennials That Bloom All Summer,  · Partial Shade Perennials That Bloom All Summer Some perennials enjoy being subjected to the sun for a part of the day, but also like the cooling relief that comes with a bit of shade. Provided with these conditions, these plants are guaranteed to keep your garden looking colorful all summer.Best Perennial Flowers for Shade: Top Picks,  · Partial shade Some flowering perennials love the partial shade. These flowers need to be protected when the sun is at its strongest. You can also place them in an area where the sunlight is dappled, like under a shelter, a small tree, or perhaps beneath a trellis. ...10 Best Perennial Flowers for Shade,  · Here are 10 shade-loving perennials for you to add to your shade garden. Plants That Require Partial Shade 1. Starship Deep Rose Lobelia. Plant these seeds two months before the last frost. This Starship Lobelia has unusual black stems with dark pink blooms.Are Lantanas Perennials? | Home Guides | SF Gate,  · Select a site where the lantana will have full or partial sun. They like warmth, do not tolerate dry heat or cold and can only tolerate a light frost. Lantana grows best in soil with low fertility ...Garden Shade Info,  · In short, partial shade is approximately two to four hours of sun per day in a given location. Partially shaded sites receive both sun and shade at various intervals. Plants in partial shade may receive direct sun throughout the day for a few hours with at least half the day spent in shade..

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    Shade Gardening | Colorful Shade Tolerant Plants,  · Partial shade means a few hours of sun every day; light or dappled shade, created by shifting leaves, may get no direct sun at all, but it gets a good amount of light. Walters Gardens Inc Walters Gardens Inc Columbines are wonderful blooming shade tolerant plants.