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    Door Rod Fix?,  · 1995 YJ Rio Grande I have no idea how it happened, but the door rod in the drivers side door snapped in half. I cannot find a replacement anywhere! Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to locate one? or Does anyone know a good hack/fix for this issue.What's it like living in Las Cruces?,  · Most of the year the turds turn into desiccated, easy to pick up piles within hours. Most of my yard is gravel (crusher fine which sets up like concrete) but I have small patch of grass. The dogs naturally chose to poop and pee on the gravel and save the grass for ...Partscasters and Frankenstrats. | Page 4 | Squier,  · I put it on THE CRUSHER and it looks really nice. -It had this weird thing where it started to become buzzy after the 12th fret. I put a shim at the top of the neck pocket and now there is no buzz and I was able to lower the saddles a bit.MMA Thread,  · Rio Rancho NM is 1,600 m. the same as Denver so elevation is going to a problem for fighters with any deficiency to gas tank. In theory Jan/Corey could be competitive if Jan improved. However, with the fight at elevation I think Jan will have nothing left come R4.Projects,  · from Rio Rancho, NM Cool, all you have to do is fabricate these base plates with an offset hole, and/or you could cut out the section with the hole in it and move it up a bit then weld it back in place and fill in the gap..

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