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    Air Pollution in Kazakhstan and Its Health Risk Assessment,  · Ambient air in the cities of Kazakhstan is polluted due to mining and processing of mineral resources, oil and gas production, gasoline and diesel fuel motor vehicles, industrial enterprises. Objective: The study aim is to assess the air pollution degree in most significant settlements of Kazakhstan and define risk levels for the population health.Aphelion (software),  · The Aphelion Imaging Software Suite is a set of computer programs for image processing and image analysis. It includes three base products: Aphelion Lab, Aphelion Dev, and Aphelion SDK. The Aphelion software product can be used to prototype applications using the graphical user interface. It provides a set of tools for programmers which have ...Plan ahead for maintenance,  · Advanced process control () has substantial benefit for the process industries. This technology generally provides a 3-5% increase in throughput [1] with little investment respective to other methods for capacity increase. The project returns can have a payout of ...What Are Examples of Ferrous Metals?,  · Most metals today are made up of several different elements. The two main types of metals include ferrous and nonferrous, depending on whether iron is the main metal in the composition. Mild steel has up to 0.3 percent carbon, and the rest is iron. It is often usedAn overview of phase,  · Besides conventional electrical PCM devices, photonic PCM devices [] which can be written and read optically, are being explored for all-photonic chip-scale information processing. Such a memory device has been recently employed for the analog multiplication of an incoming optical signal by a scalar value encoded in the state of the device [ 47 ]..

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    Why Is the Periodic Table Important?,  · The periodic table has gone through many changes since Dmitri Mendeleev drew up its original design in 1869, yet both the first table and the modern periodic table are important for the same reason: The periodic table organizes elements according to similar properties so you can tell the characteristics of an element just by looking at its location on the table.Where in the World Was Gold First Discovered?,  · Not only is Lydia associated with the area where gold was first discovered, but it is also considered to be the location where some of the first gold coins were minted, nearly 2,500 years ago, according to the BBC. Gold was used by the ancient Egyptians ...How to Write a Qualifications Summary | Resume Genius,  · 2. INFOGRAPHIC: How to Write a Qualifications Summary A qualifications summary is similar to a gem, and its structure is similar as well. For instance, gems have many different shining facets, and so do your skills and achievements. Presenting the best of each