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    Powder Metallurgy Industry, Effect of calcining temperature on the characterization of Bi(Fe0.9Mn0.1)O3 powder prepared by ball-milling-calcining Hot! LI Jian-ming DOI: 10.13228/j.boyuan.issn1006-6543.20180163Stöber process,  · The one-step Stöber process may be modified to manufacture porous silica by adding a surfactant template to the reaction mixture and calcining the resulting particles. Surfactants that have been used include cetrimonium bromide, cetyltrimethylammonium chloride, and glycerol. ...Process for manufacture of Portland cement,  · The process uses an indirectly heated, counter-flow reactor to pre-heat and calcine the cement meal to produce a separate calcined meal and carbon dioxide gas stream, with external heat being provided by the combustion of a secondary fuel stream with preProcess for manufacture of Portland cement,  · A method of manufacture of Portland cement clinker is described in a dry process that captures the carbon dioxide emitted from the calcination of carbonate minerals, principally limestone. The process uses an indirectly heated, counter-flow reactor to pre-heat and ...RIGHT INSIGHT,  · injected into the well. This approach has been the subject of experiments in Switzerland, which have since been terminated as the result of earthquakes generated by the process. Wave Energy Wave energy production is still in the R&D phase..

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    Petroleum coke,  · The further processing of green coke by calcining in a rotary kiln removes residual volatile hydrocarbons from the coke. The calcined petroleum coke can be further processed in an anode baking oven to produce anode coke of the desired shape and physical properties.Sand casting,  · The casting liquid (typically molten metal) is then poured into the mold cavity. After the metal has solidified and cooled, the casting is separated from the sand mold. There is typically no mold release agent, and the mold is generally destroyed in the removal process.