iron aluminide characterization by tg and dsc

    Surface additive infrared taggant toner,  · Tg and Tm are typically measured by Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). To incorporate the wax into the toner, it is desirable for the wax to be in the form of one or more aqueous emulsions or dispersions of solid wax in water, where the solid wax particle size is usually in the range of from about 100 to about 500 nm.Powder Metallurgy Industry, Kinetic analysis and morphology characterization of copper nano-powder prepared by thermal decomposition Hot! ZHENG Xing-long, JIN Yong-zhong,CHEN Jian,REN Jiao,HUANG Cong,GONG Jiang-long DOI: 10.13228/j.boyuan.issn1006-6543.20180136