mixer vs twitch 2020

    Twitch vs Mixer: Which is the best platform?,  · Twitch vs Mixer? I decided it was finally time I compile a list of pros and cons for both Twitch and Mixer. Skip to content June 9, 2020 Treyex Hub Gaming news, reviews, guides, and more. Home News Reviews Guides Quizzes Lists Spotlight Deals Account ...Gaming Live Streaming in 2020,  · Time to choose which streaming platform you will be a part of in 2020. Will to pick the powerhouse Twitch , the new guy Mixer , or give Youtube Gaming a shot. Time to start your gaming live ...Mixer vs. Twitch: Let's Talk About That!,  · Mixer vs. Twitch: Let's Talk About That! I'm late on this, like with all things that I post about lol, but how do you guys feel about Mixer, Twitch, and other livestreaming platforms? With Ninja doing his transition from Twitch to Mixer, its brought a lot of positive press to Mixer.